What do fuzzy nuggets have to do with this blog?

Not a whole lot. This was a domain I bought to whore out my adorable flamepoint cat (see banner), but I never quite figured out how to market him. So rather than let this page just sit around with cute pictures and dumb cat wordplay, I thought I’d use it to jot my thoughts down and let the world judge my mostly meaningless entries.  Before the turnover, I’d like to note that my adorable flamepoint cat paws my face without ever using his claws, open doors with handles, steals toothbrushes and floss boxes, can jump 10 feet to grab small stuffed mice in his mouth, and has been trained to sit in a hamper in the hallway while I’m cooking.  He was waaaaay more deserving of this site than I am.

But about me…

I’m a 40 something that realized in my 30s that I wanted to live to at least the expected age for my birth year, and do lots of fun, outdoorsy stuff.   So I stopped putting so many toxic substances in my body and took up running, hiking, rowing, rock climbing, cycling and other physical activities that have in the last 2 years gifted me with semi-permanent residence at Tufts Medical Center if nothing else.  I am not deterred.

My friend Laura and I decided on a whim a few weeks ago that we MUST hike all 48 of the 4000 foot New Hampshire peaks.  While we were hiking our first ever mountain together.  Naturally, we roped in a mutual climbing friend, Ben, who is perpetually injured, just like me. Of course he was 2 thumbs up, or 1 really, because the other was broken.  Ben and I met when I asked him to reset my mangled pinky after I jammed it into a plastic rock hold at the gym.  He pointed out the perpendicularity of the first joint in my finger to the second joint and suggested we call an ambulance instead.  “You can just pull it out,” I said.  It was almost Thanksgiving and I was having a pretty good climbing day before this happened. He called an ambulance. And so began lasting friendships with Ben and the triage staff at Tufts.

I thought it would be fun to use this website to track our progress through the mountains, and log other indoor and outdoor exploits and injuries in between.  We have since hiked Mt. Garfield, Mt. Pierce and Mt. Eisenhower together without any sprains, contusions or deaths.  I hope this trend continues.

I’m not very focused and who knows where the posts on this blog will really go.  It’s possible I end up talking a lot about my favorite sauce that pretty much consists of chili, prickly ash and MSG.  It’s the best on just plain white rice.

But for sure there will pictures of mountains.  Here are some now:

Until the the next ascent!